Table of Sessions
MOKPP Keynote - Jim Misewich
MOAPP Project Status Reports 1
MOBPP Software Technology Evolution 1
MOCPL Experiment Control 1
MOCPR Systems Engineering, Collaborations, and Project Management 1
MOMPL Mini-Oral
MOMPR Mini-Oral
MOPHA Posters
MOSH1 Speakers’ Corner
MOSH3 Speakers’ Corner
MOSH4 Speakers’ Corner
TUKPP Keynote - Florence Hudson
TUAPP Hardware Technology
TUBPL Data Management
TUBPR Timing and Synchronization
TUCPL Feedback Control and Process Tuning
TUCPR User Interface, User Perspective, and User Experience (UX) 1
TUDPP Control System Infrastructure 1
WEKPP Keynote - Allison Bishop
WEAPP Control System Infrastructure 2
WEBPP Device Control and Integrating Diverse Systems 1
WECPL Control System Upgrades 1
WECPR Software Technology Evolution 2
WEDPL Control System Upgrades 2
WEDPR User Interfaces, User Perspective, and User Experience (UX) 2
WEMPL Mini-Oral
WEMPR Mini-Oral
WEPHA Posters
WESH1 Speakers’ Corner
WESH2 Speakers’ Corner
WESH3 Speakers’ Corner
WESH4 Speakers’ Corner
THKPP Keynote - Gabriele Vajente
THAPP Device Control and Integrating Diverse Systems 2
THBPP Experiment Control 2
THCPL Data Analytics
THCPR Functional Safety Systems for Machine Protection, and Personnel Safety
FRKPP Keynote - Andi Barbour
FRAPP Project Status Reports 2
FRXPP Workshops Summary