Author: Buchschacher, N.
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MOPHA030 An Upgrade of the HARPS-N Spectrograph Autoguider at TNG 258
  • R. Cirami, I. Coretti, P. Di Marcantonio
    INAF-OAT, Trieste, Italy
  • F. Alesina, N. Buchschacher, F. Pepe
    Université de Genève, Observatoire Astronomique, Versoix, Switzerland
  HARPS-N is a high-precision radial-velocity spectrograph installed on the INAF TNG in the island of La Palma, Canary Islands. The HARPS-N project is a collaboration among several institutes lead by the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Geneva. The HARPS-N control software is composed by the Sequencer, which coordinates the scientific observations and by a series of modules implemented in LabVIEW for the control of the instrument front end, calibration unit and autoguider. The autoguider is the subsystem in charge of maintaining the target centered on the spectrograph fiber. It acquires target images at high frequency with a technical CDD and with the help of dedicated algorithms keeps the target centered on the fiber through a piezo tip-tilt stage. Exploiting the expertise acquired with the autoguiding system of the ESPRESSO spectrograph installed at the ESO VLT, a collaboration has been setup between the HARPS-N Consortium and the INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Trieste for the design and implementation of a new autoguider for HARPS-N. This paper describes the design, implementation and installation phases of the new autoguider system.  
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