Author: Nicholls, T.J.R.
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MOPHA017 pyAT, Pytac and pythonSoftIoc: a Pure Python Virtual Accelerator 232
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  • W.A.H. Rogers, T.J.R. Nicholls, A.A. Wilson
    DLS, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
  Virtual accelerators are used for testing control system software against realistic accelerator simulations. Previous virtual accelerators for synchrotron light sources have used Tracy* ** and Elegant*** **** as the simulator, but without Python bindings for accelerator simulations it has been difficult to create a virtual accelerator using Python. With the development of Python Accelerator Toolbox (pyAT)*****, that is now possible. This paper describes the combination of pyAT, Python Toolkit for Accelerator Controls (Pytac) and pythonSoftIoc to create an EPICS-based virtual accelerator for Diamond Light Source.
*TRACY-2 Documentation
**The DLS Control System
***elegant: A Code for Accelerator Simulation
****A Virtual Accelerator in the Tango Control System
*****pyAT: Python Accelerator Toolbox
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