Author: Weick, H.
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WEPHA067 Control System Developments and Machine Model Benchmark for the GSI Fragment Separator FRS 1253
  • J.P. Hucka, J. Fitzek, D. Ondreka, S. Pietri, B.R. Schlei, H. Weick
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  • J. Enders
    TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany
  Funding: Supported by BMBF (05P15RDFN1 and 05P19RDFN1)
At the GSI facility, the LSA* framework from CERN is used to implement a new control system for accelerators and beam transfers. This was already completed and tested for the SIS18 accelerator. The implementation of experimental rings such as CRYRING and ESR is currently under development. In addition, the fragment separator FRS** and - at a later stage - also the superconducting fragment separator Super-FRS at FAIR will be controlled within this framework. The challenge posed by the implementation of the control system for the FRS arises from the interaction of the beam with matter in the beamline and the beam’s associated energy loss. This energy loss is determined using input from ATIMA*** and has been included into the code of the LSA framework. The developed control system solutions were tested in dry-runs and proven to control power supplies and actuators with the help of an out of framework solution. Additionally the current production version of the software and setting generator was simulated and benchmarked by comparison to older measurements.
*M. Lamont et al., LHC Project Note 368
**H. Geissel et al., NIM B 70, 286 (1992)
***H. Weick et al., NIM B 164/165 (2000) 168
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