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MOPHA010 Automatic Beam Loss Threshold Selection for LHC Collimator Alignment alignment, collimation, detector, software 208
  • G. Azzopardi, S. Redaelli, B. Salvachua
    CERN, Meyrin, Switzerland
  • A. Muscat, G. Valentino
    University of Malta, Information and Communication Technology, Msida, Malta
  The collimation system used in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN is positioned around the beam with a hierarchy that protects sensitive equipment from unavoidable beam losses. The collimator settings are determined using a beam-based alignment technique, where collimator jaws are moved towards the beam until the beam losses exceed a predefined threshold. This threshold needs to be updated dynamically, corresponding to the changes in the beam losses. The current method for aligning collimators is semi-automated requiring a collimation expert to monitor the loss signals and continuously select and update the threshold accordingly. The human element in this procedure is a major bottleneck for speeding up the alignment. This paper therefore proposes a method to fully automate this threshold selection. A data set was formed from previous alignment campaigns and analyzed to define an algorithm that produced results consistent with the user selections. In over 90% of the cases the difference between the two was negligible and the algorithm presented in this study was used for collimator alignments throughout 2018.  
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